Ever wondered how to survive and thrive post pay day? Charles Savage, CEO of Purple Group (a client of ours, and an absolute legend when it comes to all things investment) chatted to the Fresh@5 team this morning to cover just that.

You might remember that Charles was on 5FM every Thursday morning throughout the month of July – national saving’s month – where he shared his top investment tips.

Now, as much as this post is about investment, it’s also about the value of relationships.

“How?” You may ask?

Well, Charles and Carel go way back; they’ve known each other from their school days. Fast forward to 2016 and they’re working together. Gabbi and the 5FM team go way back too – from the days when she handled the PR for MK.

Keeping in touch with people over the years, connecting and making new friends, reconnecting with old friends and keeping those relationships going – that’s a big part of PR, and business in general. And guess what happens when you connect people (that you have relationships with) within your network, with others in your network?

Magic like Charles on 5FM!