In 2017 CN&CO started working with the Financial Intermediaries’ Association of Southern Africa (FIA). Of course, by that stage many of us had been doing stuff with and for the FIA over many, many years. And many of our partners are FIA members.

During our “formal” time working with the FIA, we have produced nine editions of FIA Insight magazine, run the association’s blog and social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and put together a number of events, including the 2018 and 2019 FIA Intermediary Experience Awards and Broker Summits.

After a rewarding and fruitful two-and-a-bit years, our working relationship with the FIA has come to a mutually agreeable, happy end.

“CN&CO has played an important role in the upliftment of the FIA’s brand and communications,” says FIA CEO Lizelle van der Merwe. “The strong team that stands behind the CN&CO brand is greatly valued.

“We would also like to acknowledge the CN&CO Events team for organising many of our events over the years.”

Says CN&CO’s Gianluca who edited the FIA Insight during our time together, “One of CN&CO’s key tenets remains that business relationships have a time span. When a working relationship has run its course, it’s perfectly natural to put a stop to it and carry on with other things. And in our experience, often the relationship picks up again in the future when it makes sense.

“Even though we aren’t officially working with them anymore, our relationship with the FIA remains strong on both a personal and professional level. We made some great friends during our tenure as the FIA’s communications partner and we believe those relationships will last long into the future.”

A big thanks to all at the FIA for giving us the opportunity to work with one of the key associations in the insurance industry. We wish you well Lizelle and team and look forward to spending time with you and your members at the 2020 African Insurance Exchange (Explore. Imagine. Celebrate.) at Sun City in July.