If you read our blog and follow us on social media you know how much we love travelling. You also know that we have been working with Club Med for some time and we have had an amazing time doing so. Read all about that here.

In the years of working with Club Med we have been partnering on PR, marketing, social media, influencer management, events, and anything else that gives people the chance to experience what Club Med has to offer.

We have loved creating and implementing strategies with Club Med; creating PR, blog, and social media content; managing influencers; connecting Club Med with partners; generating leads for Club Med; and so much more.

We work with our partners until it no longer makes sense to do so and as our time with Club Med comes to an end we put together this video highlighting some of the many trips we’ve taken (and loved) with Club Med. We have not included all of our trips, as a business and as individuals, and we haven’t included the many trips our friends and family have taken – if we did, this video would take days to watch.

Click play and enjoy…we certainly loved making memories with Club Med.

Thank you Club Med for the wonderful memories!