The wait is finally over! This project has been months in the making and one of our best kept secrets and we cannot wait to share this incredible project with you – CareBox is FINALLY live!

CareBox was born out of the idea that sometimes we feel at a loss as to how to reach out to someone who is facing a challenging time. The one thing that isn’t easily available to us these days is time, and care takes time.

CareBox is designed to help make it a little easier for someone to show a person in need that they have taken the time to think about them and fill a box with compassion, kindness, hope and joy. CareBox have chosen these gifts especially for you, to lighten your day. Every CareBox is put together with a personal touch, to ensure that each gift is a heartfelt, thoughtfully hand-picked to ensure so.

CareBox co-founder Nicola McGregor passionately started the idea of CareBox 2 years ago. “CareBox is so much more than the actual gift…it’s about gifting courage and hope in a box for both the person giving and receiving the gift.” Click here for more about the CareBox idea.

The idea of “love lends strength” is based at the heart of CareBox and everybody needs a little bit of love. If you know somebody struggling on a journey of anxiety, chemotherapy, recovery, grief or just needing a little bit of love, CareBox has a box for each and every journey, personally created to serve each and every journey, put together with an extremely personal touch and very thoughtfully planned to provide the best care for each journey.

Visit the CareBox website NOW and share the love with those in need of a little bit of loving! Be sure to visit their journal to read more about the CareBox story and keep up to date with great advice and tips provided directly by the CareBox team. Every journal messages speak to everything that is important to CareBox and the greater picture.

If there is anything you would like to share, the CareBox team would love to share your stories too.

Be sure to follow CareBox on Facebook and Instagram.

To spreading love – let the journey begin! CareBox – love lends strength….