One of the all time most read blogs on this site is EasyEquities now sells (weed) shares which Colin wrote way back when in 2018! I’ve often wondered if it is because of the value investors see in this asset class or if people are searching where to buy cannabis for personal use!? Whatever the reason, those searching for weed may find this research piece by my team mate at EasyEquities, Cay-Low, worth checking out – all the latest on cannabis investing.

And if Cannabis is not your thing, check out what my equally dynamic other Easy team mate Lesedi has up his sleave – opportunities to win big by investing in USD shares. After all, America often is bigger, if not better, right?!

If you want to give weed AND America a miss, there is none more opportunity to get a thrill – tax free savings accounts (TFSAs) allow you to pay NO tax on your investment. If you do nothing else for your investment future, try and consistently contribute to your TFSA.

But whatever you do, start. It’s Easy. And fun. And leads to financial freedom. Here’s R50 on me to get you going.