Blake Dyason has bought in as a shareholder in CN&CO.

We first met Blake back in Etana days when he and Five2Nine’s Mike Kaufmann were still working at RiskAfrica. A foosball challenge was issued. If the RiskAfrica guys won, Etana would buy an advert. If the Etana team won, the ad would be free. 

The Etana team prevailed and got a free ad. But it didn’t end there. A bunch of new relationships were formed, resulting in many adventures and a lot of good business over more than a decade – so far.

Blake joined CN&CO in 2018. His primary focus is on the RMB rowing sponsorship and he recently conceived and established The Insurance Directory, which is live and online! (The print version is in production.)

He’s a keen conservationist and founder of Love Our Trails, an environmental organisation committed to protecting nature, with the goal of building a trail culture that encourages people to get out in nature while respecting and caring for our environment and fellow trail users.

Blake was recently selected as a participant in the Mandela Washington Fellowship in the United States. Sadly, due to Covid 19 the six-week leadership course in the USA went online. 

“It’s an honour to have been invited to become a shareholder in such an awesome business,” says Blake “I look forward to many happy years on the team.”