Fulcrum Group, partner of CN&CO held their #BigBuzz session yesterday in the women’s prison at Constitution Hill, what an amazing venue steeped in history.

It was this history that set the foundation for the day. Where Fulcrum Group has come from and where they will be going.

Explaining their 2021 vision was superb to see and even more so is the buy in from all the Fulcrumeers. Each of their staff was in town for the day.

With Bongani Bingwa as the MC for the day, he spoke about the history of his own career as he has recently taken over from 702 talk radio legend, John Robbie.

CEO, Peter Gordon, welcomed the Fulcrumeers and spoke about how he is humbled to have taken over a business with a magnificent culture like Fulcrums. He acknowledged the numerous accomplishments by Fulcrumeers within the insurance industry over the past year as well as the coming.

One of the themes for the day is the delivery to stakeholders and the collective accountability in the day to day workings within the company.

The day then broke off into activities linked to the values of the company.

TRUST – Peter spoke about trust would not be possible without inward focus on the staff, and as CN&CO believe in, Fulcrum too believes that a company’s most valued assets are the staff.

EXCELLENCE – Chef Benny from Master Chef SA talked to his upbringing and how focusing on excellence has allowed him to get to where he is.

RELATIONHSIP – The Fulcrumeers then broker into smaller teams where they had to decorate a cake in a manner that speaks to how they see Fulcrum growing. These cakes where then judged by chef Benny and Dot Dicks, the winner of season one of The Great SA bakeoff.
These cakes would then be donated to a few children’s homes in the area.

AGILITY – The Fulcrumeers were then treated to a session of Tai Chi to help them focus on their internal energy and agility.

The Day was rounded off by a presentation on style design by head of Steinhobel Design head, Brian Steinhobel. His focus on PROGRESS has allowed him to be part of some of the best design aspects in the past 50 years. From F1 cars to jets based on drone technology. “Not bad for an East London Boyjtie” as he stated.


Peter then closed the day to an energised team of Fulcrumeers ready to tackle the next phase in this already successful story.

For more information on Fulcrum and how they are part of and focused on the Insurance Industry, contact them here.