Every entrepreneur’s journey starts somewhere. For Kerry Gall, wife and mother to two beautiful girls (whom she calls “two miracles”), her journey to success was not smooth riding. She was working as a beauty therapist when she learned that her eldest daughter, Jax, had learning difficulties. Jax was only two years old at the time, and Kerry decided to leave her job to give her daughter the care she needed.

“I dedicated all my efforts and skills to help her as much as I could,” says Kerry. “Taking care of Jax was a full-time job. But as she got older, I found I had more time in my day – until our second child, Hope, came along. That’s when I decided it was time to get back into the working world.”

smsIt’s not easy to balance a business with raising children, but Kerry had to find a way to devote time to her daughters and still pursue her goals. With the support of her husband, Ronald Gall (who is very well known in the insurance industry), she started her own business and partnered with S&M shoes.

She says the inspiration behind this business came from all the people she loves and the things she is most passionate about.

“The S&M business is perfect for me,” she says. “It’s not just a job – it’s a passion. And above all else, it allows me to honour my late mom while being the best mom I can be.”

Kerry lost her mom to cancer at a very young age. She always makes time to get involved in any cancer initiatives, and decided to donate 10% of the sale she makes from S&M shoes to PinkDrive.

“You don’t have to invest a fortune to make a difference,” she says.

PinkDrive is a breast cancer educational and fundraising NGO and a partner and friend of CN&CO.

S&M shoes was established in 2015, in hope to create stylish and comfortable sandals to suit all women. The sandals were created by women for women ( and girls), through their motto:  “Beautiful feet need beautiful shoes!” While S&M products are imported, what gives them the edge is the different custom design hand-beaded sandals. To celebrate South Africa’s heritage, S&M also incorporates colourful Zulu beads to their designs.

And now for the part that you’ve been waiting for!

“Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to pack away those boots, get a pedi and show a little skin,” says Kerry. “S&M sandals are a must for spring and fit for any occasion, be it a party, a relaxed day at the beach, or work. You name it! This is where glam and comfort meet.”

Sandal designs include African beaded, beaded, glass beaded, hand beaded, robots and t-bar. There’s even a range of sandals for kids. They are available in ladies sizes 4 – 9.

Send Kerry an email – kerrygall26@gmail.com – to receive an online catalogue.