I often get asked for advice on insurance and finances – so here goes:

– I am not an advisor – engage with an FIA member and get proper advice;

– Personally I have found that using a broker for my short term insurance (car, house and personal effects) adds huge value. If you pick the “right” one (track record and values that align with yours is a good start) there is minimal paperwork, appropriate rates and no issues come claim stage. I only insure for major losses and have risk management in place to minimise the chances of that happening – i.e insurance is my last resort for replacement and I take care to lessen the risk of something happening;

– For medical aid I have also relied on a broker via my workplace – and go through an annual review of what is available in the market. Here I over insure and take the highest cover – I don’t want to come short when I have a health issue;

– Life cover I do myself and pick easy-to-understand cover. It must be clear about what I (or my beneficiaries) get when I die, if I get injured and can’t work or get a disease like cancer. If it isn’t clear, I move on. I do a health check every 6 months to make sure I stand a chance of picking up issues early. Not guaranteed, but useful. I go to the dentist twice a year and the dermatologist to check moles, once a year. Set appointments! I try to do enough exercise and to eat right (both with varying degrees of success!);

– I invest whatever I can via EasyEquities. I knew NOTHING about investing before I started here. This is the cheapest, funnest, least intimidating way to invest – and it is proven that the stock exchange is your best chance of growing your money over time. Start with a tax free savings account (TFSA). If you find that you need help accessing this, mail me and I will get a cool relationship person to talk you through it. START NOW.


If you are still paying huge fees and doing this the “traditional” way, I suspect you will not have enough money when you want to retire. Take (clever, managed) risk, and reap the rewards;

– I save to buy stuff. If I can’t afford it, I wait. Usually;

– I read, listen, ASK, talk to experts and repeat all of this – and then go with my gut.

You asked (well some of you!) – so there’s my advice. Which isn’t advice. It is just my take on things and how I manage my life. If you want real advice, talk to an FIA intermediary with brains, values and time for you.