The world is an amazingly diverse place – and we love being involved in as many different things as possible. Sometimes the more seemingly obscure the better.

Take today’s ASIB trade show, which was put together by CN&CO’s events team under the auspices of Rob Christian, wearing his Dragon Risk hat. (As well as being CN&CO’s newly appointed chairman, Rob is also MD of Dragon Risk, which is one of the sponsors of the ASIB trade show.)

It’s a gathering of 300 or so people who are all involved in fire safety – specifically, sprinklers. ASIB is the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau, which helps companies to set up and maintain sprinkler systems at their premises to mitigate losses in the case of fire. Sounds simple enough, until you go a level deeper.

The components and the science involved in the process are mind boggling for the uninitiated. Pipes, pumps, valves, water storage, foam, control panels, electrical switches, flow detectors… we’re learning about it all today! Just have a look at the agenda and you’ll get a taste of the complexity of this vital service:

  • Fire pumps in high-rise buildings
  • New sprinkler protection guidance for buildings up to 15,4 metres
  • Complexities of competition law
  • Innovations in sprinkler storage protection
  • Foam – application and design
  • The importance of maintenance for pumpsets
  • Pre-designed and manufactured sprinkler systems
  • Passive vs. active fire protection

It’s a full day of technical presentations by speakers from SA, UK and USA – and the delegates are rapt.

Natasha Goring

“There are so many moving parts in the industry we felt it important to bring them all together to help members learn about what’s happening across the board, find out about new fire-prevention techniques, legislation, guildelines, new products, etc.,” says ASIB MD Natasha Goring. “This is the first time the industry has put something like this together and it’s been exceptionally well received. We were actually oversubscribed, which is a sign that the industry is desperate for this sort of forum.”

The trade show comprises two parts – presentations and an exhibition – both of which have been extremely well supported.

“Given the level of interest we expect the ASIB trade show will become a regular event on the fire prevention calendar.”