Over the last couple of years the CN&CO crew, associates and friends have participated in a few crazy running adventures. From skiing with friends in Club Med Val Thorens and running the Paris Marathon the following week; running multiple comrades; running half marathons in Knysna and Skukuza; running Club Med Bintan Island; running through France’s vineyards in the Médoc Marathon; and running across South Africa as part of MAD2Run.

We enjoy staying active, the memories and meeting different people through these diverse and at times physically challenging experiences. You can read about some of these experiences here.

With 4 past runners from our crew having completed the run of MAD2Adventures (previously MAD2Run) in 2016 and 2018 we are excited to be supporting our friend Justin Pearse from our partner EasyEquities who is joining the MAD2Adventures journey for the 2019 edition that depart this Friday.

Follow Justin’s social media channels for live updates of this years journey and if you want to donate to the MAD Leadership foundation to give Justin that little bit of extra motivation to get to Cape Town you can email him here.

Our Allan Bader, has a few notes that he wanted to share with the 2019 MADsters as you set off on an incredible journey, using your “feet for a great feat”.

Hey 2019 Madsters

You’re gonna have the best time!!

Here are a few tips and tricks that I used to get me through last year journey.

Do as much as you can and I am not talking only about the running cause we aren’t all machines like Clayton Kelly. Last year I drove a physio table 80km cos the cycling doc forgot theirs, just do it. But make sure to take someone with cos you’ll end up chatting and learning so much about them.

Some of  the other things I learnt:

  • take a multi plug. You’ll want to charge your phone and other devices simultaneously and plug points may be in short supply at some venues so you can offer to power others while making sure you get your things charged.
  • label your sh1t. even your phone cable, sh1t goes wandering.
  • take a towel with you in the car and expect not to wash it for a while and get over that fact.
  • take a change of FULL kit. I learnt quickly on mini-mad that if you run your first shift and then sit in sweaty clothing that sweat dries and becomes crusty… needless to say then you chafe badly. For your next shift, put the dirty dry/wet clothes back on its better than sitting in them for 3 hours between shifts.
  • ON that, pack plenty of Vaseline/anti-chafe and Prep in your on the road bag. The former for obvious reasons. The latter for soothing any chafe. Ultimately use whatever works for you.
  • If you run through the Sun flowers, stop and play in them. If you are adventurous get naked in them!! I encourage you to.
  • On your night shift. Tell the follow vehicle to let you go ahead and turn their lights off. The view will be breath-taking.
  • Its kak cold when you start running at night, but warms up quickly.. even when raining.
  • Encourage as much as you can. You never know how deep someone is digging at a particular time. My best moment was sitting in the other vehicle, the sun had just risen, I had a beer in my hand and we were about to arrive at the meeting point when the last runner of this vehicle was on the road and had dropped back 50m. I was giving him encouragement and shouting for him. He said to me afterwards that he was in a dark place and that’s what pulled him through those last few km.
  • On that note, make sure you or someone on the shift has beers for when you are done with your shift.
  • Things you wouldn’t normally eat can be good for you. Not much was better than a Peanut butter sarmie (expertly made by the best supporter (aka Josh) chased by coke after a run. And I normally stay away from bread cos it gives me heartburn.
  • On THAT point, get some LANZALOC (heartburn pills that last 24 hours) pop one of those every morning along with some probiotics to keep your body fairly regular and on track.

Enjoy the running, even in the kakest of conditions, how many other people got to say they ran through the Karoo from 1am – 9am in the pouring rain. Rain they hadn’t had for 2 years. Those are just some of the memories that await.

Embrace it all and most importantly, you’re doing this for a great cause.