Consider the ridiculousness of these statements:

  • She doesn’t sound like a quadriplegic.
  • I have nothing against people with dimples, but I wouldn’t want my kids to be like that.
  • I never know how to act around people with green eyes. I feel so conspicuous.
  • What happens in the privacy of your home is one thing, but being so obviously tall in public is unacceptable. There are children here. Sies.
  • What’s the world coming to? Deaf people playing professional sport?
  • I know a few other gingers, but most of my friends are normal.
  • When did you first realise you were black?
  • Exclusive! These Hollywood’s Couples Are All Heterosexual!!
  • I will never go to that church – they let proud people in. Pride is a sin, you know.
  • I can’t believe there are so many bald members of parliament.
  • I would never want a left-handed person teaching my children.
  • I’m afraid to be seen talking to vegetarians. People might think I am one. (They convert people, you know.)
  • Double-jointed? You can be cured!

So let’s live and let live. Acceptance is so much easier than animosity. Think before you open your mouth, and never condemn. That’s not our job.