At the end of July OUTvest, a CN&CO client, announced a partnership with Good Things Guy to spread good advice stories through South Africa.

South Africans were encouraged to share their good advice. It could be any good advice that you had given, received or heard. The drive behind the campaign was to share good advice to make the world a better place!

There are close to 400 people who have shared their good advice in August on #GoodThingsGoodAvice across social media platforms. It is inspiring to see South Africans getting involved. It shows the importance of communication and how we all have a piece of good advice to share. Even one of the greatest investors of all time, Warren Buffet, shared his advice for “all the young people”. Since this tweet came out, it has since been confirmed that this twitter account has no association to the real Warren Buffet. Nevertheless it still is GREAT advice!

CN&CO’s word nerd, Colin Ford, agreed with this advice but challenged the notion that it was only for young people. He says everyone can take something away from it regardless of their age. After all, it’s just a number, isn’t it?

Good Things Guy released a few of his favourite pieces of good advice that have been shared so far. Read the full blog here and see if there is anything that you can take out from the good advice that has been shared.

A reminder that these aren’t the winners and you can still enter until the end of September. Don’t delay! Share your good advice and stand the chance to win R10 000 in an OUTvest account.

We all have a good piece of advice to share, so let’s share it and help to make South Africa a better place. Here’s what you need to do to get your name into the draw:

  1. Share your good advice with the Good Things Guy on Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtag #GoodThingsGoodAdvice
  2. Download the OUTvest app and register a new OUTvest account, or do it on the web

Share any good advice you have ever given, received, read or heard! Let’s join the #GoodThingsGoodAdvice drive and help bring good news to South Africa.