Through our networks, experiences, and activities were have been fortunate to meet some remarkable people. Our Carel Nolte met the founders of Nutreats when he was training for his very first Comrades Marathon. Since then we have watched the Nutreats brand and site grow from strength to strength. They now feature diverse content and stories to help you live a healthier life – Food, Fintess, Wellness, Beauty, Travel, and more.

Scrolling through their newsletter (which is amazing and definitely worth subscribing to) over the weekend we came across the article titled “A Beginners’ guide to investing with EasyEquities”.

Healthy finances are as much a part of healthy living as eating well and exercising. And just like getting into an exercise habit can seem overwhelming, so too can managing your finances.

Fortunately though, there are platforms and teams that are able to help you overcome the first hurdle and start your investing journey. EasyEquities is an online investment platform that lets people invest in stock markets (namely the JSE and NYSE for now). They live by the mantra of democratising investing for all. 

In Part 1, the Nutreats team unpack Investing and EasyEquities.

In Part 2, they explore some of the frequently asked questions that investors have when starting out. To help make sense of investing, they sat down with Shaun Keeling and Standwa Nongauza of EasyEquities to answer all of their investing related questions.

Warren Buffet’s famous advice is “don’t save what is left after spending, spend what is left after saving”

You can read the full article here.