3 years ago today I made the scary change, leaving my work space of almost 10 years to join the CN&CO family.

Joining the CN&CO team sounded like fun, working with brands and clients we love, having flexibility and freedom and working with a team that I have been friends with for years, but I was scared, I left what I had known for almost a decade, I was stepping into the unknown.

It hasn’t been perfect or easy and I haven’t only worked with clients and people that I like or share values with, but I have had the freedom and this is the game changer.

The freedom to work in my own time.
CN&CO is a lifestyle business, this means we include work into our lifestyles and bring our lifestyles into work. It really is amazing to see how many opportunities are and answers to challenges sit within our direct network, from our sporting circles to our families, we just need to be present and take the time to engage, learn and contribute.
At first I was worried that I would get distracted and struggle to work in my own time, but now I sit with the problem that I don’t stop working because I work with friends, in places that I love and on projects I’m passionate about.

The freedom to do things differently.
CN&CO has taught me to try new things, to do things differently and through partnership and collaboration we can really achieve grater results. I love having ambitious scary dreams and not being scared to try achieve them, I am less scared of failing as I am scared of not trying.

The freedom to travel
I have been incredibly blessed to have traveled with CN&CO, Locally I have been to most provinces for work, weekends away and to game farms with the team. Internationally I learnt to ski with our clients Club Med at Val Theron in the French Alps, I also enjoyed an island holiday in Indonesia, something I would never had booked myself and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I even ran my first international marathon, the Paris Marathon thanks to CN&CO friends and clients.
But the freedom of working at CN&CO has allowed me to travel to Mauritius, Spain, Italy, France and Japan for environmental conferences and personal holidays.
It really is a privilege to have the ability and freedom to travel.

The freedom to follow my personal dreams and passions.
I have been passionate about CSI, Charity and making the world around me a better place for most of my life, I have raised millions for charities and used my sport as a way to create awareness for causes and people in need, but working with CN&CO has given me the freedom and support to really chase these dreams.

The freedom to find and work with clients that I personally believe in.
Work is so easy if you share values and passion with clients. It isn’t easy to find these clients but having the freedom to work with brand and people outside of our work scope makes it possible to find diverse clients that I believe in.
From working with RMB a proudly South African Bank and the South African National Rowing Squad headline sponsor, I have had the opportunity to work with Olympians as well as development sports.
I also recently started working on the W12 Congress and international Water conference being hosted in Cape Town in January 2020. One of my passions is our environment and protecting our planet and water is at the centre of our eco system and is under serious threat with pollution, over population and climate change.

The freedom to start my own impact businesses.
My passion for making a difference has turned into some exciting businesses.
Love our trails has gone from a trail cleanup to now educating trail users around the world about sustainability and protecting our environment, making trails and mountains accessible and sustainable for future generations to enjoy.
Brownie Points has grown from strength to strength, making it into the Startup Bootcamp top 10 startups in Africa and going through the 3 month accelerator program in 2017, Brownie Points continues to grow from strength to strength. Making it easy, fun and rewarding for companies to empower staff to make a different in their local communities. We have had 10s of thousands of volunteers do good deeds, making a meaningful difference.

This freedom has empowered me, giving me space and time to meet inspiring people, to see the world differently, to make time for my personal health, family and friends, this freedom has also taught me to be accountable, flexible, to accept change, to constantly innovate and learn and most of all this freedom has allowed me to grow and be a better person.

I am incredibly grateful to CN&CO and our clients for the past 3 years.