Going to the theatre is such a thrill for me – especially musical theatre. For two hours, whether you are alone or with friends, you can forget about the world around you and just ​be in the moment.

There are many musicals that people don’t know about. Most of us know the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber ones, but there are brand new, excellent musicals every year produced​ on the W​est E​nd in London and on​ B​roadway in New York City. When I studied musical theatre at TUT in Pretoria my eyes were opened to musicals that changed my life for  the better​. Watching my first musical on Broadway earlier this year was an absolute highlight – one I hope as many of my friends as possible can experience.

Apart from the superb music, the great dancing and acting enriches the story lines and teaches one​ amazing life lessons.  

Here are a few of my favourite musicals, with links to my favourite songs in each of them: